Sandcastles in the Air


Sandcastles in the Air

Guest article by Jane Finch

Sandcastles in the Air by Jane Finch tells the story of a Kate who tries to build a life for herself and her child after a bitter divorce. When she is offered the job of a lifetime in the exotic Seychelles, the court tells her to travel to the islands and ensure schooling and housing is arranged before they will allow her to take her son away from the court’s jurisdiction. Trying to thwart her plans, Alec her ex-husband disappears with the child with the intent of Kate never seeing her son again. But Alec had not anticipated the power of a mother’s bond and Kate goes to any length to find her son.

This is a story of revenge and fear as Kate searches for her child.


He was very pleased with himself. He patted the ground a few times, and sat back, gloating over his work. Suddenly he became aware of a small form standing behind him.

“What are you doing?” asked David, looking strangely at his father.

Alec stood up, turning his back to the boy.

“Just playing in the sand, that’s all.”

He began to walk back towards the tent. David grew excited and started dancing along beside him.

“Will you come and play in the sand with me? Will you, daddy?”

Alec grimaced. Why was the boy being so demanding, always wanting him to play sandcastles, or go swimming, or read him stories. If David had asked him a few minutes ago he would have been delighted, but now he was unaware his mood had changed, and the boy was bothering him.

Waving his arms in the air in annoyance, he ignored his son and went into the tent, turning only briefly to secure the flaps behind him. He saw David’s face drop before the boy turned away and went back to his fallen sandcastles.

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