Sacred Fire: Activating the Second Chakra


Sacred Fire: Activating the Second Chakra is for a mature audience


FREE ON KINDLE – Nov 27th to December 1st, 2014

Guest post by Saqqarah

How do you unlock your sexual potential and transform your erotic DNA?

How do surrender to sacred initiation and become a being of Light, sensuality and energy?

How do you face your fears and your destiny?

Sacred Fire: Activating the Second Chakra is the sequel to the first book, The Root: Discovering Power, an Amazon Best Seller. It continues Harmony Mendelson’s deepening journey into the conscious revolution between The Tribe of Light and The Corona.

As she travels to The Tribe’s Headquarters, Terra Quattro, she must undergo initiation and face her second chakra issues of insecurity, doubt, jealousy and sexual power. Her lover, Tristan Alexander, tests her resistance in the sacred initiation chambers as she undergoes the metaphysical erotic rites of passage. By tapping into higher frequencies of existence, she expands her capacity for pleasure and sensuality, energetic downloads and psychic ability.

All this work to activate a warrior of Light…

But will that be enough to keep the enemy at bay? The Corona, an organization of dark psychic warriors, is never far away. And they’ve had their sights set on acquiring this Lightworker into their fold. By any means necessary. Hiding is impossible, and The Corona knows just how to get her to come out.

Will she be ready? The real question is…are you?

Experience the transformation as you read this book. The purpose of metaphysical erotica is to tap into the reader’s consciousness and allow the energetic exchange to occur. In effecting the second chakra, these issues of stress, powerlessness and self-doubt bubble to the surface as an imprint that needs to be released or let go. Enjoy it. There is nothing juicier or more gratifying than having your sacred fire activated.

Visit Metaphysical Erotica YouTube Channel to see the book trailer “…videos that represent the energy and power of our books. Visually erotic, artistically woven and energetically charged, this video expresses the power of sexual initiation, energetic activations and sensuality to the max!” ~ Saqqarah

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