Memoir: Right-Hearted




Right-Hearted is a thought provoking book that the young author has truly written from his heart! Review by Daisy HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWER

This book is one of the most meaningful and enjoyable books that I have ever read. The author writes from his heart and his writing is so moving and genuine that I cried when I read the book. Since the book was not that long, I actually read it twice.

After reading the book, I am so looking forward to reading more books from this talented young author!

This is a must read for young people, teens and honestly, EVERYONE. It is a book that I found unforgettable!

Highly recommend this book!

Amazing Life Changing Short Story – Book Description:

Right-Hearted: Finding What’s Right With A Wrong Sided Heart, is a short memoir about my life-threatening heart conditions and an unforgettable girl. I was born with a broken heart. Literally. My heart is on the right side instead of the left. I was also born with 6 other random congenital heart defects, which have demanded that I undergo dangerous open-heart surgeries since my birth 16 years ago. After my last operation 3 years ago, at barely 14, I was sent away to live so that I would not kill myself. I spent 2 years learning to accept my heart conditions and learning to appreciate my beating heart. The blurry ambulance rides, countless surgeries, metal machines and two years in a Montana therapy school have all contributed to the unique teenager I am today.

I never knew anybody who completely understood my unique struggles until that night under the full moon.

Standing before the sky I had little idea my next two weeks would be overwhelmed with wild love, lust, confusion, tears and a beautiful girl. She and I would share the stories of our hearts…our right-sided hearts. Right-Hearted: Finding What’s Right With A Wrong Sided Heartis the story of two lustful teenagers who together confront their life-threatening conditions and learn to embrace their broken hearts.

Daniel Wallock

Daniel Wallock

Perhaps the most realistic love story I’ve read ` Review by C. Peterson

Great stories and miniskirts share two required elements: they’re short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the subject. This book fits this description perfectly. Wallock reveals his inner ruminations and insecurities in ways I have felt but not known how to express, and puts heart into his words without getting sappy or “woe is me.” The meat of a good story is story, after all, and many memoirs miss this while Wallock keeps story to the front from page one to The End. This is a memoir the way they should be written.



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