Before We Die Young


Before We Die Young is an adult thriller for a mature audience.

Guest article by Author – L.T. Quartermaine


They just killed my mother. Strange, upright animals. She told me to run. So I ran. Hiding in thorn thicket now. Hope strange animals won’t find me here. Very frightened. Why did they kill her? Did she make them angry? Don’t think so. She was very kind. They’ve taken her horn. They said it’s not big but it’s all money. Don’t know what money is. Alone now. Don’t know what to do? Should I wait? Maybe mother is not completely dead? Hungry. Thirsty too. Feet hurt.

Dark now. First night on my own. So many glowing eyes. Mother’s still there. She looks dead. She will be eaten soon – when the hyenas come. So lonely. Maybe I could spend one last night with mother? I shouldn’t. Very dangerous. But perhaps just one? With mother now. She’s still warm. Good to be with her. Hope to sleep. Doubt I will.

Dawn. Mother’s cold. She’s definitely completely dead. Must hide again. Hyenas are coming. Back in the thorn thicket again. Maybe if I stay here long enough, mother will send someone to look after me. Hyenas eating mother now. They know I’m here. I’ll be next. Mother didn’t teach me how to fight. Hope it will come naturally.

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