The Need to Touch

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*The Need To Touch is an adult book for a mature audience.

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“Ryder has his own share of personal and not so personal demons. The two of them together make the perfect pair. It wasn’t easy, no it was not. They both have a lot to learn and growing up to do. They both have to figure what is they think they WANT VS NEED in life and they both have to figure out if what they want vs what they need is worth fighting for.”

Debut Novel and Talented Authors

Guest article by Jamie Alluisi

The Need To Touch is a debut novel written by Natalya Parks and Brooke Johnson.

This is a story of two young men from different parts of the states, and different backgrounds whose lives collide when they become roommates in college. Ryder is from Montana and is used to small town and ranch life, while Ben is a California boy through and through. They are both young and struggle to find out what being in love means, as well as how to find a balance for their futures and lives. The story is full of the hard truths and realities of life, and growing up, as well as the amusing aspects that come with being young and in love.

Natalya and Brooke are two amazing women who teamed up together to try their hand at writing and have found that they are very good at what they do. Both Brooke and Natalya are authors with Cool Beans Publishing & Editing, and have several books in the works. One that their editors are anxiously waiting on reading, because like their fans, the editors are held in suspense on the books too. Both women claim to be innocent in their tormenting of their fans and editors, but we know that they enjoy the suspense that comes with the rest of the world wanting to get to know their current and newly created characters.

This book is an LGBTQ erotica and may be questionable to some readers. However, the truth of young love, the pains of growing up, as well as finding out what life is really about and how one fits into it all is part of the story that anyone can relate to.


The Need to Touch

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