The Ghosts at Pemberley


The Ghosts at Pemberley – a Jane Austen Variation.


Fenella J Miller is the author of “over thirty Regency romantic adventures published plus one Jane Austen re-telling and three WW2 historical novels.”

The Ghosts at PemberleyBook Description:

Miss Kitty Bennet is travelling to Pemberley in order to become a companion and friend to Miss Georgiana Darcy when disaster strikes. Adam Denney, the Rector of Bakewell comes to her aid and is much taken with her. Bingley is hurt in the accident and he and Jane are obliged to remain at The Rectory, whilst Kitty continues her journey.

The coach accident is just the first of many terrifying incidents that occur once Kitty is established at Pemberley. Somehow her arrival has woken the spirits that occupy the East wing and these ghosts are determined to get their revenge on those who trapped them in the spirit world. Elizabeth is in danger and Darcy is determined to keep her safe. Can the power of God defeat the evil or will Pemberley and its occupants be destroyed?

Fennella J Miller

Fenella J Miller

“I am going to write a series of at least four books all set in and around Pemberley. Each one will feature a different hero or heroine and the main thrust of the story will be their romance. However, Darcy and Elizabeth will also be an essential part of each book, as well as a variety of other well-known characters from Pride & Prejudice.”

The Ghosts at Pemberley – a Jane Austen Variation.


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Release date is October 30th – Just in time for Halloween!

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