The past…..Oh boy…the past can be good, bad, haunt you and a million other things. So why do you want to remember it, if you are on the run from it?

Well its both for Hillary. Probably because she can barley remember what happened. She woke up years later, a kid by her and has no idea how she got in the motel. Well that is a big gap and pretty shocking for Hillary. Her mind is just a blank and no idea why that is and she better hope her son can help figure things out. Otherwise life is going to be stranger and crazier.

I loved this story and it had me glued from the start!

~ Excerpt of Review by Serenity

Book Description:

“Fugue” is the story of one woman’s quest to remember her past, while, at the same time, on the run from it. Hillary wakes up one morning in a motel room she doesn’t recognize, next to a child she doesn’t recognize.

It is five years later than her last memory, and strange clues in her bags do not add up to where she has been and what she has been doing. She doesn’t understand why she doesn’t remember, but the secret might lie in her three year old son, Cayce, who seems to demonstrate psychic ability.

But when Cayce is nearly kidnapped by strangers who seem to be following them, Hillary knows she must find a way to remember, to save herself and her child from danger, before she loses him forever.

Debut novelist Ashley Michel brings us a story of paranormal mystery, suspense and intrigue!

Now available in ebook, paperback and hard cover from LuLu, Smashwords, B&N, Amazon, iTunes and many more!

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