Digital Photography For Beginners



~ Review by cesar

Photography is an art form that needs to be studied. With all the technical things that you need to know to get a good shot. The amount of information that a shutter bug needs to learn gets a newbie lost. I love photography and I was willing to study and practice to express myself using pictures.

Read a lot of thick books about the art of taking still photos but I must say that this book topped it all. The simplicity of the way this book was written made a lot of impact on my skill. First, the book is short but it didn’t miss out on the important details on concept, techniques and tips that you can apply.

Well spaced out and provided the rules and basics to maximize the potential of your camera. I want to mention the ISO chapter on this book because I have a hard time understanding that before.

The information that I learned from this book re-ignited the fire in me to keep on going. I want to thank the author for letting newbies like me discover the joys of photography again.

Learn Quick And Simple Techniques Of Digital Photography

Excerpt of Book Description:

You will learn the three basic features of a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera. You will also enjoy playing and experimenting with the foundations of your very own digital camera and your digital photography, whether professional or just a hobby, will soar to new heights!

A complete beginner or a novice will learn so much about this Kindle e-book. You will want to continue to refer to this book when you want to remind yourself of how each principle and technique is used.

For professionals as well can benefit from this book. It’s a great source as a reminder of the simple steps on creating quality photographs for your business or hobby.

Digital Photography For Beginners


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