A Woman’s Pleasure – 25 Erotic Chapters

A Woman's Pleasure

A variety of perspectives… a frontal assault on a great irony of our times ~ Review by HarryB

I enjoyed this book and I continue to enjoy it… nightly. What’s great about it is that it offers a variety of male perspectives on sex. By doing this, the book is more or less a frontal assault on one of great ironies of this age: We are so saturated with sexual imagery that we have become numb to what real sexual enjoyment is actually about. The society is flooded with low grade porn and advertising that is not that far from it. Men are assumed to be sexually engaged and excellent at pleasing women – when in truth, it is often not the case. Sometimes, it is very far from the case. Most men are clueless about sex, if they can be honest with themselves. This book takes on the challenge of understanding the real erotic drive of a man.

It was a very erotic and sensual read for me, empowering both me and my partner to be equal partners in love making. I had to take breaks from it the first time around. I got a little overwhelmed. Each man (and there are 25 of them) are very different but all of them are attentive to their women in the mainstream sensual encounters. Much different than 50 Shades, more satisfying and more fulfilling. There are certain men and certain encounters I go back to often. It is my bedside book.

Guest post by J. F. Kelly (aka Warren Shepell)

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A Woman’s Pleasure: 25 Erotic Chapters about Satisfying Sex And Mutuality

There are three levels at which you can read the book:

At the first level it is a cornucopia of sexual delights and a great fantasy read for both women and men. It has lots of romance as well as sensual encounters. At the second level, it recognizes that women are wired differently from men and the book empowers women to ask for what will pleasure them and satisfy them in lovemaking encounters. At the third level it is a book that teaches men to be great lovers and how to satisfy their women, and in knowing that by satisfying their women, they themselves will get satisfied.

‘A Woman’s Pleasure’ is the steamy story of 25 men, and how they use romance, care, and mutual attention in achieving complete sexual satisfaction – for both themselves and their partners.

J.F. Kelly, author of ‘A Woman’s Pleasure’, isn’t interested in writing a book that requires fetishes, kinkiness and dominance to stir his audience – he’s out to capture the intimacies and intensity of true love-making; passions rarely shared on the pages of most books that aim to hit the mark on their reader’s erotic fantasies. Indeed, most books attempt to deliver purely physical, sometimes extreme sexual fantasies with the barest, slightest shade of romance – often creating nothing but plain porn.


 *Quote from Book Description

J.F. Kelly’s work, however, isn’t like most books.

The book focuses on the adventures of 25 different men, and their various sexual encounters – at times, the book promises to leave you breathless, at other times, it ensures you you’ll be left with a throbbing heart and yearning for more.

Each chapter is devoted to a different man – and with each chapter, author J.F. Kelly accentuates the book’s purpose as a collection of sensual experiences meant to enlighten readers on the possibilities and the erotic joy of sexual equality, in and outside the bedroom. He strips off the abuse and nature of books like 50 Shades of Grey, instead insisting on giving readers an insight into mutual fulfillment through attentive intimacy, understanding and romance – keeping things incredibly hot without having to resort to extremes with a myriad of tales that depict skills lost to most men.

In a statement on his website, author J.F. Kelly notes various reasons for his choice of portrayal, as he explains why his book approaches sex in such a normative, yet rarely seen way for literature. He says he created it as: “A vibrant counterpoint to pornography and sex on the internet that treats sex as only a physical act and portrays many things done to women that women don’t enjoy. Pornography and sex on the internet become an educational tool for most men. In contrast, this book teaches men about satisfying sex and what women really want in expressing and experiencing their sexuality.”

In critique of the book, professional book reviewer Paige Van De Winkle notes that “in the wake of erotic novels like Fifty Shades of Grey that, according to some, depict unconventional sex as exploitative—with one partner dominating over the other without a discussion of limits, respect, or safe words—A Woman’s Pleasure refreshingly focuses on the aspects of … sex that books like Fifty Shades ignore.”

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Author Bio: (J.F. Kelly is the pen name of Warren Shepell.)

Warren Shepell received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, from the University of Pennsylvania in 1974. He practiced psychotherapy with individuals and couples for over 40 years.

Warren introduced Employee Assistance Programs (a confidential counseling service dealing with personal, relationship and marital issues, provided for free to employees and their families, and paid for by organizations) to Companies and Organizations in 1979. By 2005, his group provided Counseling Services to over 2000 Companies and served four million employees and their families.

He taught at the University of Toronto on Interpersonal Communications, Counseling, and Personnel Research for approximately 12 years.

He has a vivid fantasy, has been a champion of women’s rights in relationships with men and embraces change and transformation.

He is articulate, charming and knowledgeable, and has appeared on numerous Talk Shows on TV and Radio.



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