Strategies of the Ancient Chinese

Brutal Wisdom

#1 Bestselling Book internationally on Amazon (July 2013 & September 2014)

Brutal Wisdom: Comments on the 36 Strategies of Ancient Chinese Thought

-by- Master “Dutch” Hinkle

Book Description:

Banned Secret Strategies of the Ancient Chinese!


► a book of strategies SO DANGEROUS that a Chinese emperor of the past banned ALL mention of these strategies from the history books because they describe some of the most cunning and most devious strategies ever devised by man,and that it could possibly morally corrupt ALL who read them

► a book of ancient wisdom, centuries old, only known by a few élite in a hidden society

► a book of proverbs that describe not only battlefield strategies, but also tactics used in psychological warfare to undermine an opponent’s ability and will to fight

► a book being used to this day to reflect the brutal Chinese approach to business when dealing with foreigners

► a secret book of knowledge that has no known date or no known author

► a book of strategies based mostly upon deception and deceit

► a text where there is NO PRETENSE of goodwill or lofty intentions

► a book with one underlining goal – ruthlessness

► a secret book of strategies almost lost to the sands of antiquity

Learn about these ruthless strategies of ancient Chinese thought which are ranked by some with the wisdom of Sun Tzu and “The Art of War”.

Learn how these powerful strategies have been and continue to be applied this very day in business, warfare, negotiations, government, and world politics.

Arm yourself with this secret, forbidden knowledge that have given others a distinct, superior advantage.

Welcome to “Brutal Wisdom”…

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