The Second Greatest Story



“I don’t have a family tree. It’s more like a bunch of shrubbery all joined together.”Doug Riggle

Your Testimony: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told is definitely for people who love the bible. Even if you do not, this is worth looking at because of the verses used, and questions asked to really get you looking into your life. Finding out what your story is that needs to be told. I like what the author says in the introduction –

“Whether you have a minute in line at the grocery store or a twenty-minute drive with a friend, you have time to tell your story.” (Kindle Locations 20-21)

Book Description:

Learn to share your personal testimony with others. Don’t worry about memorizing bible verses or trying to understand various diagrams for sharing your faith. Learn to tell the second greatest story every told — your story! See what an impact you’ll have in the lives of friends, families and those you come into contact with as you share your unique testimony.

Review by alkrist ~ Write your OWN story

This was a great tool for looking inward. reassessing your own life, morals & values.everyone should try this. It’s amazing.

What Douglas says about his book:

The book is based on a class I’ve taught at my Church and to a few bible studies over the years. And now I’m scheduled to teach the same class a few more times. While it doesn’t excuse the believer from reading and memorizing the Word of God, it takes some of the pressure off. Everyone has a unique story to tell of redemption… everyone needs redemption. This bible study will walk you through a process to help you develop and tell your own story!

Douglas RiggleDouglas Riggle is a nonprofit leader, orphan advocate, story teller, speaker. He pulled at my heart strings. Read below (as written website

“In his 30s he adopted his son, Richie, who was 13 at the time. They had a great nine years ago. Tragically, Richie took his own life at age 22. Doug now considers the 210+ million orphans and at-risk children around the globe as his. He soon realized that being a father isn’t something you can turn off.”

Your Testimony: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

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