The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss

The Power of Pets

Guest article by Marybeth Haines

Title: The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss

Author: Marybeth Haines



The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss is a book that has the ability to change people’s lives in a powerful and positive way. The collaboration of wisdom using practical tools for healing is found within the pages of this book. We have experienced the challenges, missing our beloved pet and the feelings of unhappiness. The tools in this book will empower you with courage to take each step.
Dr. Marty Becker
“America’s Veterinarian”
Author of 24 books Featured correspondent on Veterinary contributor for Good Morning America and The Dr. Oz show.

In this book, Marybeth Haines shares on a subject that is universal worldwide. She provides insightful support with the grieving process along with effective steps towards healing and recovery. The Power of Pets is a book every pet lover should have.

Tamar Geller

Founder: The Loved Dog™

Life Coach for Dogs and their People

NY Times Best Selling Author


The Power of Pets empowers people to take the necessary steps to transform grief into healing. It is a journey of discovery so that we can mend and continue to move forward. This book is about pet loss, however, you may be pleased to discover that the main tools can be easily utilized to help you heal from any type of loss.


I invite you to go on a journey with me and I’d like you to use your imagination for the next few minutes.

This journey begins in a plush green garden. In this garden, you see many flowers, plants, and trees. The colors are vibrant and breathtaking. You notice there is a path and this path is made of cobblestone. You decide you are ready to take a walk and see where this path might lead.

As you walk along the path, you notice birds singing; there is a brook and you hear the soft sounds of nature singing to you. You continue walking and notice something that looks like a fork in the road where you can go left or you can go right. As you look closer, you notice that there are more forks. In fact there are several of them. There are seven forks in total.

The seven forks in the road may look overwhelming at first and you instinctively want to turn back. You don’t know where these forks or paths will lead you. Maybe you’ll get lost! But then you see a sign that says, “All Paths Lead To Healing”.

The next step is yours to choose. Will you choose one of the paths? Or will you turn around? If you choose to turn around, that’s okay, it’s your journey and you are in charge of it. However if you choose one of these 7 paths, you just might find it leads you to exactly where it says it will: “All Paths Lead To Healing”.

To those who choose the first path, come with me and let’s take that first step together.

The Power of Pets – 7 Effective Tools To Heal From Pet Loss

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