The Anonymous Girl


The Anonymous Girl by Holy Ghost Writer is Count of Monte Cristo Book 7 in the Series. So for those of you out there who love a series – Take a good look at this one! Rave Reviews!

Review by Chameleon ~ On the Edge

The Anonymous Girl is an incredible book by a very talented author. This is my second read from the mysterious Holy Ghost Writer. Our protagonist Zaydee is super talented at what she does. You adore her not only for that but by her confidence and strong will. I was on edge right from the beginning because you are immediately drawn into the kind of high-stakes events that go on throughout the course of the book. There were lots of interesting themes and grand ideas that begin subtle but reveal themselves more and more.

The Anonymous Girl balanced reality with more cryptic and surreal elements quite well. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Whoever you are, this book will exceed your expectations because it really can’t be categorized.

Excerpt from Chapter 1 ~ SEEK AND DESTROY

Kindle Edition – (pp. 1-2).

Zaydee shot out of bed in a panic, tears creeping through her dark lashes and easing under her eyelids. She pressed the palms of her hands into her eyes, heaving thick breaths into the air as she composed herself.

Vivid recollection of the disturbing events in her dream sent Zaydee’s mind into a tailspin. She thumbed through each moment and each scene as she would pictures on a computer, pixels of dream landscapes overlapping one another as she fast-forwarded past insignificant segments and paused on critical nuances.

She heard the blast from the judge’s gavel as the vibration from it shot through her like lightning, the sound repeating itself until she covered her ears in an unsuccessful attempt to make it cease.

Life in prison: those words penetrated Zaydee like an unsharpened knife, the dull blade of each syllable snagging on her freedom . Reruns of escape and recapture played in her mind alongside a picture-in-picture of failed attempts to overturn her conviction. She looped her memory reel, pausing , rewinding, and viewing her mistakes with a metaphorical microscope, noting those elements that required adjustment.

Giving in to the realization that sleep wasn’t going to come again soon, she flipped on her small bedside lamp and noted to herself that the events that took place in the dream were simple play-by-plays of unfathomable circumstances. These would not become her reality. Her fox-like intelligence and keen intuition would protect her from making any missteps that would lead to life in prison . That she had let her guard down enough to land in FDC in the first place was simply divine intervention propelling Zaydee to think outside of her usual paradigm, to see the world from another perspective, to find herself outside of the spiritual and emotional island she had created for herself, she decided. Now she was more focused , more aware, and less likely to fall prey to foolish mistakes.

Excellent Surreal Modern Thriller ~ Zaydee is is the kind of girl you just can’t help but fall in love with, her character is excellently written and developed. The themes in the book deal with many issues which are troubling the world today and are expertly explored and expanded throughout the course of the novel. This book perfectly mixes serious issues with entertaining stories in real life settings turned surreal. ~ Review by Jacqueline

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