20 Naturally Powerful Smoothies


Guest article by Milan Bakrania

20 Naturally Powerful Smoothies

Smoothies are popular because they’re easy to make. No cooking is required. All you need is a blender and the ingredients. But makes a great smoothie? Well, first it should be sugar-free, why? Because sugar is toxic and will make you fat, it’s as simple as that.

A smoothie should also be made with fresh and natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Processed foods should not even be considered for a smoothie. Other things to consider are consistency, calorie intake and quantity.

In my latest e-book (third in the Life Guides series) titled 20 Naturally Powerful Smoothies, I reveal 20 specially-crafted recipes based on natural, sugar-free ingredients for weight loss, muscle gain, sleep, great skin and more. Calorie information and short descriptions have also been added for your convenience.


“Breaking down fruits and vegetables into smaller components is one of the best ways of getting a huge hit of nutrients into your body quickly and easily.”- Milan Bakrania

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