The Other Side of Anger


Excerpt of Review by BJ ~ The Message: Hope and Life Legacy. Your beginning does not define you. You can change.

We need to pay attention. Anger is becoming epidemic! Jack Perry is passionate about changing the world, one person at a time. This book is a testament that no matter how poor the beginning or the circumstances that you are in now, you can make the change and live the life that you were meant to live.

Guest article by Jack Perry

No man or woman should ever live in fear of another human being; nobody has the right to convince you that you are less than what your heart, spirit and inner voice has programmed you to be in this universe. Everyone who reads this book will walk away different, for the better. Jack Perry, Jr., a former police officer, military pilot and business leader, has written in his own words and personal style a hard-hitting book about his last conversations with his father, before his father passed away.

These are impactful conversations every son or daughter should have with a parent at some point, before it’s too late. Jack’s father was an angry man, and his anger impacted many lives. In the final days of his father’s life, Jack decided to visit him, and ask the hard-hitting, impactful questions about his father’s verbal abuse, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, leadership style, and his own childhood.

That was the last time he saw his father alive. Jack shares his very personal life lessons, and how he recognizes the same behaviors permeating society today…the hidden facade so many people live, out of fear, societal pressure and anger.

He writes about what he has learned from his own mistakes, views and paradigms about life, love, people, violence, death, humanity and service to others. The book addresses anger and fear in the lives of everyone living today.

Anger and fear infects CEOs, business leaders, employees, children, parents, and our political leaders. Impactful, insightful solutions and tools are the wisdoms that Jack shares in his book-the defining moments and the people who had impact in his life for positive change.

“Enjoy my book with an open mind.” Jack Perry, Jr.

The Other Side of Anger: A Son’s Search for Peace

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