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Review by Sandra ~ awesome!

Loved this book! Great story and great characters! Loved the tough female character and the sexy as sin billionaire combination. You will enjoy this book! Guaranteed!

Seduction: Book 1 is “A delightful tale of a powerful man brought to his knees by an intellectual, independent women that knows what she wants. Combine that with strong characters, a compelling story that’s what Gabe and Ana’ s story is about. The meeting, the connection, the compromise people make in seeking the happiness we all search for in our lives is all in this series. Excellent read.” ~ by Barbara


“Gabe? Are you even listening to what we are proposing?” he heard Nate ask.

“Sorry, I just have a lot on my mind. And the noise in here is too loud.”

“You need to get out more otherwise you will shrivel and die in your penthouse. Look at all these beautiful girls here tonight. When was the last time you picked a girl at a bar or club? Or got laid for that matter?” Rafe asked him.

Rafe and Nate were brothers who had formed Sullivan & Sullivan, a tech company they ran jointly. Rafe always preferred to hold meetings in loud and noisy places. He claimed seeing women brought out his best ideas.

Since it was a Friday and he hadn’t been getting any work done either way, he had agreed to join them. “I don’t have to go to a club or bar to pick up a girl. Or to get laid either.”

“Of course not. They just smell the billions on you and come running,” Rafe snickered.

Nate just laughed and didn’t join the conversation.

“You think they wouldn’t be able to smell them in here?”

Laughing, Rafe replied, “Guess not. Seeing as they are all looking at you and you are ignoring them all. But you could at least pick one to scratch the itch.”

“No itches to scratch my friend.”

“The way you have been absent minded all evening says otherwise. It has woman written all over it.”

“I think I have an idea of which woman,” Nate said deciding to join after all.

“This conversation is over,” Gabe answered them. “Good night boys,” he continued as he stood up. As Gabe took the stairs from the upper floor to the lower level, he looked over to the dance floor and saw a flash of a face he thought he recognized.

No glasses on her face. It didn’t make sense that he thought he had seen Ana. It seemed after only nursing a couple of beers he was now imagining Ana at the club. When he got to the lower level he saw that the girl he had seen was now sitting at the bar ordering a drink.

And there was some guy smiling at her, who was standing next to her. He couldn’t make her features as her back to to him, but her posture was unmistakeable.

“Scotch, neat.”

That voice. Ana had spent more than half the day with Gabe yesterday and she would know that voice anywhere. But what was he doing here? Well, if she pretended like she hadn’t seen him, he would probably leave and she wouldn’t have to talk to him, right? Ana asked herself.

Turning a little more to her companion, Ana tried to show more enthusiasm to his story. Gary had been shadowing her all night and since he worked with Kelly, she had been trying to make polite conversation all evening, but she just wasn’t into him but unfortunately he wasn’t getting her subtle hints.

While her mind was trying to focus on Gary, her body was all focused on Gabe. Despite the number of people in the club, the charge she felt from him could not be mistaken. It was the same zing she had felt yesterday. How long could she keep this up?

“Get rid of him,” she heard Gabe say in her ear.

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