Fourteen paintings to prove it


The Big Wide Calm

I love the way The Big Wide Calm begins. (Kindle Locations 38-43).

My name is Paige Plant, and I’m a singer-songwriter. I have fourteen paintings to prove it— one for each song I’ve written . Thirteen Möbius strip watercolors where I painted the song’s story on the strip. What can I say? I was good at science back in the day. The fourteenth, done in oil and not on a Möbius strip, depicts the only love song I’ve ever written. Not that I’ve had only one lover or anything— I’m quite attractive in a B + kind of way— but only one worth an oil painting. Plus, oil makes the other guys, and an occasional girl, work a little harder at pleasing me. Everybody wants a love song written about them ; almost everyone wants to see their song in oil.

There is a wide consensus in the many reviews! Vivid and captivating characters with a book cover that pulled them in. What is this book about?

A former semi-famous rock star offers to record her album for free..He has a mysterious history and she is naïve. Together they learn about authenticity.

From the book description:

“Paige is a rock star. The world just doesn’t know it yet. With a name like Paige Plant, how could she be anything but the future frontwoman of the next Led Zeppelin? She’s got the charisma, the drive, and, of course, the mega-musical skills. All she needs is to make her debut album, one that will change the world, inspire revolutions—and make her galactically famous along the way.”

WOW! ~ Review by Lara Chulack

I love this second novel by new author Rich Marcello. A page turner, I finished it in 3 days! Mr. Marcello really nails the voice of the lead character Paige Plant with grit, humor, and nuance. Using the vernacular of a young, inspiring and inspired budding rock star of the twenty something generation Paige takes us on a heartfelt journey. She breaks a few hearts, mends a few hearts and stays true to her own heart. This novel gives the reader hope, and who doesn’t need more of that? I HOPE there is a sequel!


Meet the Author – Rich Marcello



Rich Marcello “…is a contemporary fiction author, poet and songwriter, whose literary inspiration often stems from songs he’s written. Rich grew up in New Jersey surrounded by song and word.”

Mr. Marcello is a musician with a love for high technology. His career path became one in which he was a technology executive, managing several multi-billion dollar businesses for Fortune 500 companies.

We are lucky as readers that he is now pouring his love of music into novels for many to enjoy.

The Big Wide Calm is available on Amazon!


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