Deserted Echo


“Life is short. Live it to the fullest. If you're going to write, stop talking about it and do it.” ~ Linda Kay Silva

Deserted Echo – Another fast-paced, action filled novel by 5 time award winning author Linda Kay Silva.

Book Description:

Between the Mexican cartel, evil supernaturals, and the heat of the desert, Echo and company are in their deepest, darkest moment.

When Echo agrees to interview a cartel member while vacationing with her students, she gets far more than a simple conversation. She is lured into a tangled web of lies and paranormal mysteries unlike anything she has ever encountered.


With the help of Delta Stevens, Echo and company must find a way to neutralize the ever present threat of terrorists who do more than sell drugs and murder innocents.

When Echo finds herself held hostage in the scorching heat of the desert, she must rely on those who love her to not only find her, but fight their way out of an impregnable fortress.

Will Echo be able to defeat the ever powerful cartel and extinguish a malevolent supernatural focused on destroying her and everyone she loves?

Or has Echo finally met her match and placed everyone she knows in danger?

More importantly, can all of them make it out of the desert alive, or is this that horrible moment when Echo is forced to leave behind someone she loves?

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