Decisions shape our life


Guest article by O’Neil Brown

This book Break Free And Live Your Life is a motivational book which cause people to recognize and remove the obstacles which is holding them back from moving forward and enjoying life.

Author O’Neil Brown is someone who loves to see people not just live but live a happy and successful life. His books are motivational, inspirational and geared towards personal growth. He believes a lot of people are stuck in life because they fail to see themselves and what they have as valuable resources.

Circumstance do affect us and the actions of others do have a impact on our life, but you cannot blame circumstances and people all the time some of it is rest on us and how we choose to live.

Our decisions shape our life and how we allow people or circumstances to shape our life. Your life is in your hands how you live it is up to you, what direction you go is still up to you.

So stop blaming and plot a course.

His Books are available on Amazon as eBook (Kindle) and Paperback.

1) Good Advice

2) Steps To Success

3) Make Things Happen

4) Greatness Within

5) Break Free and Live Your Life

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Book Description:

The words of this book are
words that will help you to grow
out of your comfort zone and
renew your mind.

A lot of obstacles to our
development exist in our mind.
These words will challenge,
inspire and motivate you.

Some are affirmations
causing you to see yourself in
a positive light.

These are words of wisdom.

Break Free And Live Your Life is available on Amazon!

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