Convince a proud man

Look Again

Excerpt of a Review by yasmine32068  Beautiful!!!

My stomach clenches, there is tightness in my chest, and a feeling of sheer excitement pounds in my blood. All that before I even start reading one Marliss Melton’s books. Her new novella Look Again was no exception to that same feeling.

I both loved and hated this book. It was so smooth the way it just sucked you in. Normally, for me at least, I need a build up to the characters before I warm up to them. Navy SEAL Tyler Rexall and Katie Crowley did that with very little effort. The whole Novella flowed so smoothly and such an easy read that I found I was done with it in very short order.

Guest article by Marliss Melton

LOOK AGAIN, A novella, is the prequel to my newest Navy SEALs romantic suspense series. Proceeds from the sale of LOOK AGAIN benefit Hero Dogs, an organization devoted to providing service dogs for injured American military veterans.

Tyler Rexall never considered being anything besides a Navy SEAL. But a mission-gone-wrong has ended his career in the Teams, leaving Tyler handicapped, his self-identity obliterated. Returning to his hometown of Louisa, Virginia, Tyler wallows in despair. He has no idea that the young woman showing up on his doorstep with a dog holds his future in the palms of her hand.

Katie Crowley’s lifelong crush on the formidable “T-Rex” hasn’t waned one iota in the last decade. Seeing him beaten down and disabled arouses her determination to help him, even as she’s being terrorized by a desperate man who is getting bolder by the day.

Can Katie convince a proud man like Tyler to accept that a service dog might change his life?

Unfortunately, she may not get the chance or the time to heal him as her heart demands, not when her stalker returns for a final encounter.

Look Again has 22 reviews and 4.6 stars

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