Angel Prayers for Everyday Use


Angel Prayers for Everyday Use is available on Amazon!


Vivienne’s book, Angel Prayers for Everyday Use, contains not only positive energy prayers, but protection prayers , healing energy prayers, guidance prayers, and so many more. Vivienne’s angel prayers are uplifting and inspirational, and can be used in almost any situation. ~ Christopher Moon “The Electronic Medium”

Is this not the best? I love Angels! Thank you Vivienne AngelHeart for channeling this book of prayers from the Angels. 

Excerpt ~ Chapter 1 ~ (Kindle Location 159 – 195). 


Working with your Angels is so very easy. Just ask them to aid you in each and every situation you are in. That’s it! It’s that easy . The Angels can only help in life or death situations without your permission. Quite simply:


Did you get that? Do you have any more questions? Well, look in the pages of this book for the prayers you need or want. There are 366 to choose from and pretty much cover each and every situation.

Thank you Angels for sharing this beautiful day with me in all I do.

Author ~ Vivienne AngelHeart

Vivienne AngelHeart

“Since the day Vivienne was born she has had invisible, yet, special friends that help her to help others. As a Certified Angel Card reader and Intuitive, Vivienne works with the Angels to help others with daily life. Vivienne also has a weekly radio show on Blog Talk Radio.” (from Author page on Amazon)

Visit Vivienne on her website: Angelically Inspired

She offers Angel Readings!

Angel Prayers for Everyday Use is available on Amazon!

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