The attack of the undead

Survival Besieged

Warning: this book contains zombies, adult themes, and adult language.

Newly released – Survival: Besieged is Book 2 in the Survival Series. Book one is Survival:Journeys.

Review from Book 1 by Marla Olson ~ Not your average zombie book

Picked this book on a recommendation and I liked it. It does make you want to see what happens next for the people caught up in this impossible situation. There is a good amount of sexual content, but I felt that was part of how people were affected by the situation (don’t want to give too much away). The cadence of the story matches the title (Journeys) and the variety of characters gives you people you want to root for. Again, I would like to see the next installment in this story.

Book Description:

The United States military is experimenting on a powerful virus that initiates cellular regeneration, effectively reversing the aging process. A terrorist group develops a contagious germ that attacks the frontal lobes of the brain, destroying the ability to reason and shutting down all bodily functions.

When the military experiment accidently goes viral and the terrorist group releases the germ, it’s a deadly combination.

The world’s population is infected in a matter of weeks, turning victims into animated cadavers with a hunger for human flesh!

A handful of survivors have found a safe haven at the Farm, a self-contained compound, but the monsters are getting stronger, faster, and hungrier! To survive, the group must withstand the attack of uncountable hordes of the undead.

Excerpt ~ (Kindle Locations 99 –109 & 176-184)

There were five total building groups that made up the food and energy production for the “Farm”. Each building was broken into five parts – one algae producing building, two food production buildings and 2 maintenance/ equipment buildings. The maintenance buildings held such things as the fish/ seafood tanks, silk worm farms and earth worm farms. In the building groups where fruit trees or bushes were grown, bee hives were also maintained. The food production and the algae buildings were all 60 feet by 100 feet while the maintenance buildings were 40 feet by 80 feet.

The buildings offered a complete range of growing environments, attempting to grow the products which would be necessary for a long term survival compound. There was an area where a sixth building could have been created which was instead used for a small orchard and garden for plants which could survive the natural climate of the area.

Within the buildings, the special LED lights, using a mix of red and blue lights, maximize the growth and production potential of all plants grown. In addition, all plants were grown in a hydroponic environment which allowed for direct application of high levels of carbon dioxide directly to the roots where it was processed most effectively by the plants…

…When his wife had been infected and nearly killed him, Mike managed to escape and begin a journey to our compound. It took him over a week to finally get here. Based on his corroborated stories, he had many harrowing incidents, but finally did make it. During his journey, he met and assisted several groups of people. While the details are not widely discussed, it has become common knowledge that he basically met different woman along the way and slept with most of them. With my level of sexual desire, I could hardly blame or judge either him or the woman for their amorous encounters. I have never been a prude, but casual sex is not something I generally approve of; yet I just could not bring myself to judge anyone at this point.

In the week it took Mike to make it to the Farm, those of us who were there managed to replace much of the lights, pumps and other equipment necessary to run the power and agricultural parts of the compound. Unfortunately, our algae production had either never recovered or was negatively affected by some mysterious cause.

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