Would You Risk Everything to Find Your Baby?

Mitch Lavender, author of Death Zone, returns with this hi-tech thriller, Find My Baby.

Guest article by Mitch Lavender

Zachary and Lucy Foxborne have everything they want except a child. As they begin navigating the legal and bureaucratic maze of international adoption from Ukraine, they could not imagine their newly adopted child would be held for ransom by a brilliant and demented hacker, bent on revenge and even darker motives. Finding their baby could cost them everything.

Find My Baby follows Zachary and Lucy Foxborne’s struggle through the awkwardness and disappointment of fertility treatments and adoption becomes a more and more appealing option.

Once they start down the international adoption path and are in Ukraine, things start to go enigmatically wrong for them. Zachary is an antivirus specialist and leader in his field, making him a prime target for cyber-terrorists, and one such a hacker has set his sights on Zachary, intent on
manipulating him into nefarious circumstances.

And then there is this ancient manuscript that no one has been able to interpret- what secrets does it hold?

Find My Baby has twists you won’t see coming and is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

About the Author: Fort Worth, TX  –  2014  –  Mitch Lavender is an accomplished author  of short stories.

He  has  worked  for  Microsoft  Corporation  for  over  18  years,  has  been  married  25  years,  and  is  the father  of  a  son,  adopted  from  Ukraine  in  2001.

With  this  background,  it  makes  sense  that  his  first, published full-length novel would be a high-stakes thriller interlaced with computer espionage, set with an American couple, attempting to do an international adoption.


Find My Baby is available on Amazon, Smashwords & Lulu

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