Chained to a rock


Guest post by Marc Secchia

Chained to a rock,

Tossed off a cliff,

What if she did not die?

What if she could spread her wings, and fly?

Packed with dragons, stunning aerial battles, romance and betrayal, Aranya is the exciting new YA Fantasy release by Marc Secchia. Now a Fantasy Best Seller on!

“He spins a mythical yarn, achieving a notable balance between luxurious detail and intense action … it’s Secchia’s world building prowess that really sets this tale apart” – Stephan J Myers, author of The Prayer

“An imaginative tale, full of battle and heroism, romance and betrayal” – Michael Andrews, author of Under a Blood Moon

The all-conquering Sylakian Empire has defeated the last bastion of freedom, the island-kingdom of Immadia. Aranya of Immadia is taken as hostage to a Sylakian prison, her life in exchange for those of her people. But she hides a terrible secret. A secret which should spell her doom.

Chained to a rock by her boyfriend and tossed off a cliff a league above the poisonous Cloudlands, Princess Aranya is executed for high treason. But what if she did not die? What if she could spread her wings, and fly?

Experience a unique island-world set above the clouds. A world once ruled by Dragons, now gripped by the iron fist of evil. But they have chosen to spite a Shapeshifter Dragon. Aranya returns to break her best friend, Zuziana out of prison. Together they choose to risk it all, declaring war on the Sylakian Empire and taking the battle to their enemies in the fight for freedom.

Thrilling action scenes, intense battles in the skies over the islands, a gorgeous enemy and romance under fire make this book a read to remember. If you like a book where the heroine goes literally all-out to roast the bad guys–in Dragon fire–then this one is for you.

Aranya is available on Amazon!



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