No Easy Answers


No Easy Answers is an autobiographical self-help book based on my experiences overcoming depression, divorce, bankruptcy, and alcoholism. ~ Barry Mangione

It is wonderful to see when another soul takes the time to share their journey. Particularly a journey involving many hills and valleys. I really like how Barry Mangione expresses what his book is about. “No Easy Answers is a book of questions that changed my life and guided me through recovery, redemption, and reinvention.”


Barry Mangione

Barry Mangione –

“I’m just your average everyday all-around Renaissance man: singer, songwriter, musician, certified life coach, writer, martial artist and pediatric physical therapist. In 2011, I was depressed and suicidal, going through divorce and bankruptcy while overcoming alcoholism. Today, I’m happily engaged to the woman of my dreams and following my passion for writing books and music. I’m also an avid biohacker, following a modified paleo diet and exercising like a caveman.”

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