My Dad is a Zombie

My Dad is a Zombie: The Golden DNA Activation Warrior in the Land of the Dead is available on Amazon.

So much fun and adventure! ~ Review by P. McKinsey

“This book is adorable!! I’ve been reading it to the kids at work every day and they all love it! Their parents are all asking where they can get a copy from. A big recommend for the beautiful illustrations.”

Book Description:

Zombies have invaded Lemon Grove, California. The mailman snacks on flowers and bugs. Criminals give hugs and kisses. Teachers make reality TV the curriculum. Liam admits something is wrong when his dad loses an ear in his cereal. Liam’s life changes completely when he plays a video that activates his junk DNA, causing his brain to become a super operating system.

Liam starts a business to save his mom from bankruptcy while learning how to travel with his mind to the Lower World. He meets his Power Animals and Guides who instruct him on how to overcome his fear of zombies and how to battle zombies. He learns the truth about his world.

Zombies have taken over the school system, police force, and his father’s body. Liam has less than seven days to figure out how to retrieve his father’s soul from the Land of the Dead and bring it back before his father turns into a full-blooded zombie.

If he fails, his dad will become a permanent zombie capable of infecting others with his bite. Liam has help from his best friend Lupe who also learns how to travel with her mind to discover the truth of their reality. They hold the key to saving their families and their town from zombie infestation.

Will they be able to rescue teachers, the principal, Lupe’s parents, the police, and Liam’s dad in time for Lupe’s Quinceanera? It’s a race against time and a story of courage.

“My Dad is a Zombie” is suitable for children ages 9 and up including teen audiences. It contains humor, dramatic moments, and insights to overcoming fear. It contains over 100 color images and illustrations.

A Wonderful Story ~ Review by Luvs2Read

This book is so cute and such a joy to read. My 9 year old daughter and I read it together and we both loved it. It inspired her to want to be more helpful and to be the best she can be. The characters are great and the details are outstanding. It shows the strength of young Liam as he tries to save his dad and his family and maybe even the world. The pictures are very detailed and added to the joy of the book. It is written in a clear easy to follow format. We laughed so hard and truly rooted for the hero. The author Deborah Bravandt is extremely gifted with a wonderful imagination that is endless. We want more! I highly recommend this book to everyone. Parents will Love it!

My Dad is a Zombie: The Golden DNA Activation Warrior in the Land of the Dead is available on Amazon.

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