YA warned not to love the angel leader



The demon waves his hand and flesh begins to peel from my bones. I was warned not to love the angel leader, Marcus Cane. This is the reason I am going to die. This is the reason all the humans will die. Every cell in my body is begging for mercy, yet the only thing I can think of is him…

Guardians: The Girl is available on Amazon

Excerpt of a review By Charlotte Black

So I’ve been having an Angel detox for 3 months. I’ve read so many in the last year that I couldn’t stomach much more God vs. Satan, Fallen Angels, White Angels, Good versus Evil Etc. I started one more, a traditionally published popular one at that, and I couldn’t take it. Same old, same old. I had to put it away and start another paranormal genre.

So when I started Guardians I had middling expectations. However, what I read, even in the first few pages was the biggest shocking wow I’ve experienced in a long while. Guardians is an amazing read!


Guardians: The Girl is available on Amazon

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