Heir to a mysterious power


Classic fantasy at its best ~ Review by Chloe Halston

The Spirit: Awakening is classic fantasy at its best. The gifted Princess Adele is coming into her own as the soon-to-be heir to the throne of the kingdom of Iden. But things go awry when a power-hungry enemy arises.

Skillfully woven, The Spirit: Awakening is all the things a fantasy reader wants and more. Some other reviewers have commented on the pacing, but I appreciated this novel’s quick tempo as compared with many other fantasy books that seem to drag on with endless exposition.

I look forward to seeing the sequel and what else Riley has in store for us – and for Adele.

The Spirit: Awakening

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The Map of Iden & Seqhad

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Book Description:

On her eighteenth birthday, Princess Adele inherited the Kingdom of Iden. Willful, strong, and independent, her life changed when she discovered she’s more than successor—she’s heir to a mysterious power hunted by an evil spirit. Chaos covers her lands, forcing Adele to flee its reach. She journeys to unravel the secrets of her abilities, and defeat the enemy shadowing her.

Adele refuses to let Iden fall—not without a fight.

Excerpt ~ Prologue (Kindle Locations 49-70)

In a secluded forest, rain lashed through the canopy and muddied the ground. Two shadows darted through a maze of elms and beeches, never once losing their footing. When at last they came upon a clearing , a boar with wild tusks and a strong back shook water from its coarse fur. The other figure remained in shadow, under the protection of the looming trees.

A heavy laugh erupted from the hog as it took the shape of a dwarf. Underneath his woolen cloak, he ignored the downpour. “What a thrill,” he chortled to the other.

“What you did was wrong— separating her from her only protection,” the hidden form replied. “There should have been another way to lead her to us.”

The dwarf shook his head. “We had no other choice. She’s young, but bold to have gotten this far . My efforts wouldn’t have hindered her; they’ve only accelerated our plans. Besides, we couldn’t just take her.” He studied the area, then quickly began making camp.

“Must we remain here in this storm?” The voice echoed in the twilight.

“We have shared the same dreams, my friend. The One is on her way. We cannot abandon her now . I’m going to build a fire so she can find us.”

“She’s at such a tender age…”

The dwarf held a finger to his mouth, and his companion’s words were cut off instantly. He strained his ears for footsteps nearby . All they heard was water trickling on the leaves. With a sigh, the dwarf shifted his attention. “Even in her youth, you must’ve sensed that fiery spirit— her strength and raw energy. She has much potential. I’ve felt it.”

The Spirit: Awakening

is available at Amazon & Smashwords!

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