Financing Your Life

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Financing Your Life: A Novel Way to Learn about Personal Finance

From the Press Release:

The author of a new novel about families and money hopes to shine the light on personal finance in a new way.

Defiance, Ohio—April 30, 2014—In an effort to reach out to adults and Millennials struggling to master personal finance lessons and gain control of their financial future, author Dennis M. Postema has released a new novel titled, Financing Your Life. Of the book and his intentions, Postema says,

The hope is to communicate valuable, timeless personal finance lessons in a new way—through fiction—so that readers won’t just learn something new, they’ll actually have fun doing it.

The novel follows the lives of four families, each struggling to get out of their unique financial hole and secure their future. Readers can also purchase the accompanying workbook that offers worksheets and tutorials to delve into the lessons learned by each of the families and explains various financial topics such as budgeting, debt, credit, insurance and more.

Financial literacy in the United States is on the decline. In the 2013 Consumer Financial Literacy Survey conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association, it was found that 40 percent of adults would give themselves a grade of C or lower in their understanding of personal finance. Millennials too are struggling to gain knowledge, with The Associated Press recently reporting that high school seniors were only able to answer, on average, 48.3 percent of personal finance and economics questions correctly.

This knowledge gap leads to poor personal finance decisions, putting families at risk. As the Consumer Financial Literacy survey found, only 40 percent of adults have created and are able to stick to a budget. The Federal Reserve reported in 2014 that debt in U.S. households increased by $241 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013.

“It’s clear from reading the statistics that something needs to be done if we want a future with financially secure adults and retirees,” says Postema.

About Dennis M. Postema

Dennis M. Postema, RFC, is a successful entrepreneur, author, coach, speaker and registered financial consultant. Over the past 12 years, Dennis has taught clients, agents and associates how to find motivation and ascend psychological barriers to achieve success. His dedication to improving lives has led him to work with renowned motivational and self-help industry heavyweights such as Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy.

Financing Your Life: A Novel Way to Learn about Personal Finance

is available on Amazon.

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