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Guest Article by Al Bargen

Hi it’s Al Bargen. we are launching “Hard Core Soft Cover” – the book that will help you write better books faster – and we are very excited about it!

You may have seen previously online that up until May 9, you could visit a particular web site, and download a free copy of the book in exchange for leaving an honest review on Amazon.

That website had an interesting purpose. As an author, you can make the digital version of your book available for free in exchange for honest reviews posted to Amazon. There is also a draw for the readership and everyone has the chance to win fabulous prizes like gift cards and e-readers.

But when Nick and I realized just how many people were in the running for a fantastic, brand new Kindle Fire, we weren’t as happy with the prospects for our readers.

We wanted much better odds for you.

Something had to be done, and here it is. It’s important to us that somebody who read and reviewed our book could read it again while holding a brand new Kindle Fire that they won. So Nick and I are personally buying a brand new Kindle Fire, and we are giving it to one of you. Runner-up prize will be a signed copy of Hard Core Soft Cover.



How much better can things get?

I dare you to find better odds anywhere else. Currently, the next person to leave a review on Amazon has a 1 in 20 chance! This is great. But to sweeten the deal, you can grab your very own copy for free from May 19th straight through to May 23rd.

That’s right, the book is free right now, but only until May 23rd.

You must have the review up by the end of the 23rd though. We will take all reviewers names on the 24th of May and place them in a hat (or reasonable container) and one lucky person will be announced. The draw will be on video and the winners will be announced and posted to on May 26.

Guarantee Your Entry

Remember, we need to know who you are. So please send us a copy of the review that you posted to Amazon as well as your contact details to:

Nick and I are so grateful for your support and we’re look forward to drawing your name!

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