This is just a fantasy Pep

Excerpt from Dark Dreams (Kindle Locations 93-107)

“You’re going to be a baker and that’s that!” her father dictated.

Dark Tales

Her mother had taken a gentler tone, “This is just a fantasy , Pep. You’ll grow out of it soon enough. Then you’ll come to your senses. Until then, though , you are forbidden to wear those clothes and also forbidden to see your aunt if she comes for a visit.”

That last punishment was the worst of all. Now, a month later, her aunt was set to join their caravan some time that night. There was no way Pepper was going to miss this chance to hear another of Anna’s tales or see one of the demonstrations she put on with her throwing daggers.

Keeping her mind on her chores grew more and more difficult as the day wore on. The young halfling tried to keep busy by making a batch of cookies in one of their portable ovens. That didn’t help much. She was so preoccupied she nearly burned them, and to be honest they didn’t taste very good.

Pepper had convinced herself that she just wasn’t cut out to be a baker no matter what her parents might say. Instead she wanted to follow her dreams – dreams of adventure, dreams of excitement, dreams of piles of treasure. That last dream was the most important. If she could find some treasure, she could get away from her mother and father and never have to listen to their nagging again! Her mind made up, she needed a plan to be able to sneak out and see her aunt.

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