The Greenest Valley

The Greenest Valley

THE GREENEST VALLEY ~ Review by J. Culwell

This is a story of travels and courage. A group of braves go out looking for food to try to save their village and what they find is not just food but adventures as well…Travel along with them on their journey if you are brave enough.

Note: Recommended for ages 12 and up. Contains significant violence.

Guest article by Ross Rosenfeld

In this first companion story to the novel The Stolen Kingdom, you’ll go along with Winkle on an adventure like none you’ve ever heard before. Forced to live underground for hundreds of years due to their deformed appearances, the Pooglians find themselves faced with the prospect of starvation when a harsh winter makes animals scarce and crops nonexistent.

Young Winkle and a band of seven other Pooglians are selected for a desperate journey to find food. What they find is danger, lurking behind every mysterious twist and turn.

Expect many unusual surprises as you travel along with them. The story is only 99 cents, but you can borrow it for free if you’re a Prime member. Definitely worth the price of admission. The illustrations alone are terrific, and the story will have you spellbound.

The Stolen Kingdom is one of the top-ranked FREE fantasy novels on Amazon, and this companion story is the first in a series. The next installation will come out in May.

If you’re into fantasy stories, especially ones with a dark streak, you should thoroughly enjoy this tale. It packs mystery, adventure, and many wonders into a solid, tight story.

Meet The Author!

I was an odd kid, that’s for sure. And now I’m hoping to be the world’s oddest author.

I was the kid bringing books into school and getting in trouble for reading in class. I may have been the only kid in history to have his mother called up to the school because he was reading too much.

I dreamed of adventure. Perhaps that’s why my first Amazon novel, The Stolen Kingdom (now a free download), was an adventure tale. Unlike in the story, though, I’ve never been much of a hero. In fact, I’ve managed to do things backwards for most of my life, and that goes for writing too.

Ross Rosenfeld

The Greenest Valley is available on Amazon!

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