Shopping Resale 247

Shopping Resale 247

Shopping Resale 247 is a way of shopping that makes sense. Let’s dive right into an excerpt to show you why!

Excerpt of CHAPTER ONE

(Kindle Locations 44-57)

Good Sense and Good Deals

Why does shopping resale make more sense than shopping retail? Let’s use an illustration to explain:

You want to find a gemstone ring. You learn that the average amount of markup on a piece of new jewelry is 200%. Thus that ring you found for $2,000 is really only valued at around $10 to $20 at best! How is that possible? Well, even a good diamond might come out of the ground with a value of $10 to $50, and the metals used in the piece of jewelry can be very poor or even plated over plain metal. This means you pay top dollar for a new item, but it may be worth very little.

The Better Option

The alternative would be to consider something via a resale venue and enjoying the discounted price that comes from a "secondhand" deal. Before you wrinkle your nose at the idea of a secondhand product, just consider that the following places qualify:

  • Pawnshops
  • Estate sales
  • Thrift shops
  • Antique stores
  • Online vendors specializing in resale goods

Review by Joanne ~ A Great Resource For Resale Shopping!

I’ll admit it—for a long time I turned my nose up at shopping resale, or shopping in pawn shops. It’s not that I am wealthy, I have just always preferred to buy things brand new. However, with the recent surge in reality TV shows that focus on high-end pawn shops and second hand stores—I began giving shopping resale a second thought, which is when I came across this book. It gives great insight not only on how shopping resale is affordable, but about the astonishing mark up some of the products you purchase full price come with. Now that I understand my money saving potential, this book will be my go-to for how to shop resale–and get the quality I want for a discounted price.

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