Loving My Abuser

Loving My Abuser

Review by sherrypyye 1 ~ Page-Turner

“Wow, this book took me through so many emotions such as anger, sadness and fear. You hear about child abuse all the time, but to see it through a child’s eyes makes it more heartbreaking. It gives you a different point of view. You often wonder what a child is thinking when they are being punished and abused, so for the author to have the courage to write out his feelings is great. I have never read a book so fast because I could not wait to see what happened in the end. This is a must-read. Especially if you have children, or thinking about having children, or know someone with children, it doesn’t matter, your emotions will be effected. Hopefully there will be sequels, I want to follow this family.”

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Book Description:

In a perfect world, little boys want to emulate their fathers. Mike Antheny was no different. He had a great deal of unconditional love, affection and admiration for his father and he wanted nothing more than to be loved in return.

From the tender age of five, Mike’s father desensitized him with every verbal, mental, emotional and physical beating. Each and every day was filled with abuse. If it wasn’t Mike Antheny that suffered at the hand of his father, it was his mother or one of his seven siblings.

A father is supposed to protect, love and shelter his children but his father was the one they needed protecting from.

In today’s society it’s almost unheard of for an African American male to share a part of him that is so personal. Mike Antheny’s accounts will guide you through the horrific ordeals that he personally experienced day in and day out. Prepare yourself as each incident will tug at your heart, evoke your anger and leave you breathless. This is told from the eyes of the seventh child.

Excerpt- Reflection ~ (Kindle Locations 129-144)

Ideally when people reflect on their childhood memories, they reflect on happy times, innocent moments and warm and fuzzy feelings. Unfortunately, the reality of my upbringing takes me to a place of overwhelming sadness, darkness and unspeakable rage. When I think back on my childhood memories, I feel nothing but regret and pain.

My memory of those days depresses me to the point of feeling as if I want to cry. For many years, I ignored my feelings. It was my thought that boys and men were not supposed to show their emotions. I thought that showing my emotions would be a sign of weakness. I was told that men were not supposed to have emotional issues. We were supposed to be strong both physically and mentally.

So I ignored my turbulent memories and tried to forget the turmoil that stewed inside of me. However, I would always find myself face to face with the demons inside of me. I realized that there was no disguising this and the mask was going to have to come off sooner or later. If I were going to fix this, I knew I could no longer suppress it. I had to face reality and realize that something was wrong. I knew I wasn’t going to be mentally prepared to deal with the emotions I sought out to find . I also knew by keeping things inside it would continue to form the monster that was evolving inside of me.

I had so many questions about my life. I knew I couldn’t ask my father and as for my mother, I just couldn’t rehash those monstrous moments. She had gone through so much already. This was going to take a lot of courage, a lot of crying, and a lot of healing.

Loving My Abuser is available on Amazon!

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