Your World is Invaded


A White Knuckle Experience Steeped In The Fear Of The Unknown… ~ Review by T. Reece

I have always loved high tension stories set in futuristic times. When I first experienced the movie classic "Aliens" I left the theater in a cold sweat… and loving every fear induced moment of it.

I had the same feelings reading "Invasion". The tension is palpable, the characters are believable, and the underlying premise of the story is so well drawn that I promise you a ride into stark terror. This is not your standard monster story… it is more subtle, more frightening at the core level of your imagination. Nothing is more gut wrenching than the cold fear planted in your brain of a horrid death caused by something you do not understand, and have no idea how to defend against.

Prepare yourself… if you are a heart patient like I am… have your nitroglycerin close by.

Your world is invaded. Within weeks, your home, your job, and your ability to care for your family have disappeared. The economy and your government collapses. Power shifts. Strong men emerge. Huge populations are suddenly homeless, short of food, and forced to migrate. How do families caught up in the whirlwind of cataclysm cope?

Steve Ambler was swept into service, rose through the ranks and profoundly influenced tumultuous events. This series chronicles the struggles of Ambler and the pivotal McCandless family to survive and thrive.

Book one, Invasion, sets the stage for Book Two–Survival. See the series by Master Sci-Fi/Thriller Story Teller… George Wallace on Facebook


George Wallace

I write about crisis. I’ve lived long enough to have experienced 12 major crises. As an old fogey, I’ve learned a few things from those experiences. I use that knowledge when writing. I write for ‘little’ people like me. People like me who do not live at the centers of power, politics, or money. I have had to cope with the effects of the decisions made by people far away. Likely you have too.

Remember that political “leaders” are like the seagulls at the beach. They are scavengers. Beautiful while in flight, unless they are right overhead. Then they are dangerous. I don’t like playing the game ‘dodge the poop.’

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