The Carrier of Life

The Carrier Of Life

The Carrier of Life is a book of 21 invigorating poems dedicated to all females. Poetry by Somjia with: Danielle Meyers, Georgia Rivers & Demetria Bellinger.

“The Carrier of Life is insightful to an extent that empowers, uplifts, and emphasizes the importance of women worldwide.” ~ Authors of The Carrier of Life

Through pain and challenges comes exceptional poetry. Take a look at the first poem in the book.

Excerpt – Through the Eyes of a Woman by SOMJIA ~ (Kindle Location 7 – 41)

Female friend!

That’s not why I am upset

It’s the way you were staring at her

With that same glare you had in your eyes

When we first met.


I know you by now

I can predict your next move

Before the thought even manifest


Now… I do believe that you still love me

But not like before


Typical man— you feel successful in your sexual conquest

So I’m not attractive to you anymore.


Is it the weight that I’ve gained

From the three times that we’ve combined

Our 23 pairs of chromosomes?

Or the bags under my eyes from staying up all night

Worrying about your ignorant ass?

Maybe you don’t realize that you’ve changed!

Maybe you don’t realize that things are not the same!

And return back to the man I fell in love with

So I can feel proud to carry your last name.

The Carrier of Life is Available on Amazon!

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