Protective Custody


Protective Custody is Book One in a series of books available by Mary Kerr.

Great read. Ruby is a very colorful character. Lots of action.

~ Review by M. Murray

I began writing later in life after my retirement when I was gifted with a laptop. I’m the mother of three and the grandmother of four. I spends most days in my office at the kitchen table writing.” ~ Mary Kerr


Single sexy Sheriff Hank Stanton leads a life filled with dominant females all out to rearrange his life to their liking.

Ruby the eye grabbing dispatcher is a natural born man hater though she has no problems with Hank. But, look out bad guys.

Dorrie, the teen aged nymphomaniac wanna be, who stalks him for his good looks, sexy body and to rebel against her overbearing father.

Maxine, his mother, who knows there would be world peace if Hank would only marry.

Beautiful Katherine Loveaday, veterinarian, is called out to a deserted barn on phony call, beaten nearly to death and meant to die in an arranged accident.

Sheriff Hank Stanton must not only find her assailants but protect her from them when they find she is still alive.

The sheriff solves the case and falls for the victim but after what has happened to her, will she ever want to be with another man?

He makes love to her but leaves, saying it was a mistake, when he sees her in tears. She knows he doesn’t want her because she is damaged goods.

There’s just one problem, she’s pregnant.

Excerpt (Kindle Locations 15-30)

Chapter One  

“They found her. She’s barely alive. The ambulance is on the way in, ETA is fifteen minutes.” The dispatcher radioed the news to Sheriff Hank Stanton.

“What was the twenty on that?” The sheriff pressed his mic button to ask. He braked and pulled off the road as he spoke with Ruby. The rear view was clear but he double checked with a long look over his left shoulder and down the empty road in front of him before he cranked the wheel around in a U to return to town.

“She was in a gully off One Forty, between the four and five markers. Her truck is still there and the wrecker is on the way. Do you want to see the scene before they pull it?”

“That’s affirmative.” Hank flipped the switches for the light bar and the siren. The dashboard lights dimly lit the interior of the cruiser and illuminated his handsome face emphasizing the dense growth of black beard that had sprouted since yesterday. His foot went

down heavy on the gas and the old Plymouth squatted on its tires before it shot forward. The speedometer leveled at seventy. There was no sense flooring it, that truck wasn’t going anywhere.

“Ten four.” The dispatcher broke their connection.

This case had consumed all of his time the last few days. He glanced at the lighted dial on his watch. Wednesday was as good as gone; it was after eleven, almost midnight. The search had begun Monday when she hadn’t shown up for work at her office. Of course, they checked her house first but there was no sign of her there.

Protective Custody is Book One in a series of books available by Mary Kerr on Smashwords. Available formats: epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt

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