How to find a Midwife and Doula


How to Find a Midwife and Doula….Are you in pursuit of a more natural childbirth experience? A mother of five has taken the time to do the research and offer her personal experiences to save you time and frustration.

Extremely Helpful and Informative Guide ~ Review by J. Hollister

If you are thinking of giving birth naturally and are looking to get some information about the process then you really need to check out this book. It begins by covering natural birth and what it entails and what your midwife will be doing and goes on to what to expect, the needs of the mother, and even has a helpful chapter for new dads. The book is highly informative and each chapter is very descriptive and gives you a lot of information. Best of all after reading this book you will be informed about every detail of the process and feel confident and ready for the road ahead. Highly recommended.


Meet The Author!

Petra Ortiz

Petra Ortiz was born and raised in Texas but currently spends time in various parts of Washington state as well. She is a mother to 5 boys, including fraternal twins. She enjoys providing helpful information for readers that pertain to subjects such as health and wellness, publishing and marketing, and spirituality. She produces promotional videos, book trailers and more for authors and business owners, records voice overs and creates digital graphics
as well.

Petra is lefthanded, and enjoys painting and reading. She intends to learn how to play golf, and how to play the drums, her favourite sport and musical instrument.

How to Find a Midwife and Doula is Available on Amazon!

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