Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse

Guest post by Kelina Cowell


Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse explores the challenges of working effectively in this complex field and offers positive models for practice.

You will gain a greater understanding of:
• The different types of Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA)
• The affects that DVA has on survivors and their children

You will learn how to:
• Recognise the signs of DVA in adults and children
• Respond to concerns
• How to talk to victims, assess the situation and take appropriate action.

• Case Studies on all types of DVA
• Research from leading DVA charities, Law Enforcement and government polices
• Further resources and link’s to leading DVA websites

This book is a valuable source of information and ideas on how to work safely and sensitively with adults and children living with domestic violence and is a key reference for social workers, health professionals, teachers or concerned family and friends.

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Author Bio: Kelina Cowell  is a leading authority on self-development and self-protection. She’s the author of the highly rated book, Understanding Domestic Violence and Abuse (2014) and is one of the highest ranking and experienced self defence instructors in the UK.

Kelina has many more publications coming soon, including security for lone workers, security and self protection tips for women and a series of self-development guides on self-confidence, depression, procrastination and positive thinking.

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