The Chef’s Recovery…overcoming stomach cancer locally

The Chef's Recovery

If ever there was a book to get, this is the one. Chef Chuck Hayworth is delightful. I love his accent too! Take a look at this video as it is a great introduction to his story and what The Chef’s Recovery is all about.

*Here’s the link to the video on Vimeo.

“….A great read for not only cancer survivors, but anyone who wants to eat safe, nutritious meals. Chef Chuck, in a light-hearted way, takes us through his fight to survive and arms us with a practical way to help ourselves through food. As a cancer survivor, I wish I had this book years ago and am eager to try the easy-to-follow recipes with my local produce!” ~ Review by Ann Marie Nicols, 10 Year Breast Cancer Survivor

About Chuck Hayworth!

Chuck Hayworth

In his early twenties while pursuing a career as a chef, Chuck Hayworth was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Years of painful and slow recovery motivated Chuck to find a better way to fight his disease.

Combining his knowledge of the culinary arts with a strong will to succeed, Chuck was able to fully heal his stomach within 13 years. In sharing his triumphant story and cancer-fighting recipes, Chef Chuck hopes to help many others win their fight against cancer.

He also hosts his own cooking program, Thankfully Local, on MAV-TV and currently resides in Wake Forest, NC with his wife and three children.

Visit Chef Chuck Hayworth’s website to see complete Biography and get some recipes while you are there.

The Chef’s Recovery is Available on Amazon!

“I am so proud to have been part of Chef Chuck’s journey toward recovery. From the start, he and I have openly communicated about the value of incorporating nutrition and fitness into his recovery. 13 years later, being fully healed, Chuck serves as a model for my patients.” ~ Dr. Bernard R. Chinnasami, MD, Oncologist


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