The 10-Day Skin Brushing Detox


Guest post by Mia Campbell

Don’t have time to do skin brushing in the mornings? No problem.

If you’re a fan of [dry] skin brushing you will know that articles and books often say to brush in the morning before showering. Presumably that’s also before getting the kids up, cleaning up cat sick, walking the dog, packing the lunches, putting a load of washing on, finding your keys, etc.

For many of us, mornings are too busy to add another ‘to do’. So you may think that skin brushing isn’t going to work for you.

The good news is that you don’t have to do skin brushing in the mornings. The idea behind that is that skin brushing can be incredibly energizing and  mornings are when we most need a boost of energy, to wake our still-tired bodies up. Slow the routine down, though, and skin brushing becomes – like massage – a relaxing habit for both mind and body.

Showering after brushing is only important to wash dead skin cells off that you will have disturbed. However, if you have brushed once or twice before, you won’t have a huge buildup of dead skin cells so this isn’t an issue.

I brush before bed because it’s the only time I get to myself! So I developed a relaxing, nonenergizing bedtime routine for myself and my clients.

So here is my 10-step before bed routine:

1.  Put a tablespoon of carrier oil (e.g. almond or grapeseed) in a bowl and take it to your bedroom, with a bottle of a calming essential oil such as marjoram, lavender, or ylang-ylang.
2.  Dim the lights.
3.  Undress and sit on your bed.
4.  Put a drop of essential oil in the bowl. Hold it under your chin, so you can smell the oil but so it isn’t too close to your nose, then …
5.  Take two relaxing deep breaths, expanding your chest out to the sides as you breathe in and feeling everything relax and soften as you breathe out.
6.  Put the bowl down and take your brush. Brush your body using long, light,
deliberately slow strokes. Make it luxurious, not rushed.
7.  Be careful not to brush the soles of your feet vigorously. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet and, because they tend to be tough, I’ve noticed that a lot of people brush them firmly, which can be stimulating at night.
8.  Put your brush down and reach your arms over your head, linking your hands. Stretch upwards, feeling the release in your spine. Let your arms float down slowly to your sides.
9.  Pick up your bowl and do a few deep breaths while inhaling the scent of the oil.
10.  Dip your fingers in the oil and smooth it onto your body. Good places are the upper chest, abdomen, thighs, and calves/feet. Use long, slow massaging movements. Done regularly, this routine will help you sleep as it will prepare your mind and body by letting them know it’s bedtime. You’ll have smoother, more toned skin, better blood and lymph flow, and the good feeling that comes from doing regular self-care.

About the author:
Mia Campbell, I.I.H.H.T. is an experienced aromatherapist and health coach from the UK.

Since the release of her bestselling book The 10-Day Skin Brushing Detox she has become known as ‘The Skin Brushing Guru’. She was born in Lancashire in the UK and treats private clients in the North-West of England.

Mia is engaged to Andrew and has two adult children. She is passionate about animal welfare, and enjoys playing and writing music, field archery, and swimming. She is about to embark on an extended roadtrip in an RV around the US and Canada, with her fiancé, daughter, and dogs!

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