Sisters of the Seventh Planet

Sisters of the 7th Planet

I am feeling really enthusiastic 🙂 I have had some experiences lately that can be considered synchronistic . Sisters of the Seventh Planet is one of the them. Backtracking a bit here…I met a woman at the gym who is allergic to the cold (like I am) but her allergy is far worse than mine and I have pretty much overcome it. Honestly, I never thought I would meet someone with the same odd allergy.

Now here is what is really exciting!!! Author Teri Hoskins had a clairaudient experience the same as me but she was walking through her living room and I was in my kitchen. We both procrastinated on following the guidance we were given. Here is an excerpt from Teri’s young adult novel:


When I was 24 years old, I was walking through my living room when I clearly heard, “Someday you’ll write a book.” I stopped in my tracks and looked up toward the ceiling wondering where the voice had come from! My next thought was, “No, I won’t. What would I write about?” Then I heard the voice again, “Yes, you will.”

“No, I’m just a stay at home mom; I have nothing to say or to write about.” I thought. That was two years before I discovered Ramtha and his teachings. Ramtha and JZ Knight have been my teachers since 1987. As a student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE), I’ve studied quantum physics, neuroscience and ancient wisdom. I’ve learned how to access extraordinary abilities that exist within my own mind.

Teri Hoskins. Sisters of the Seventh Planet (Kindle Locations 99-106). BalboaPress. Kindle Edition.


I love Ramtha and JZ Knight and have very much wanted to attend RSE. (Putting it on my list right now as I tend to accomplish what I write down) My memoir is currently being edited and here is how it is similar to Teri’s experience. The first line reads, “Imagine standing in your kitchen and hearing, “You are to write a book. It is called ‘Dream The Answer’. There was no one in the room with me. The year was 2001.”

The similarities here are awesome. Thank you Universe for having people show up in my life that resonate with me and show me that I am not alone in my experiences.

By now you are all probably wondering what this book is about...


Shriya and Gwenneth are sisters from an ancient civilization that has practiced the sacred work of healing and other mystical abilities for many generations. They live deep in the woods, where they are free to practice their abilities without the priest being aware. As a member of the sacred work, Shriya is given a focus wand on her thirteenth birthday. The wand is a tool to help her maintain a stream of concentration to develop her inner sight. The priest believes the wands are magic. He doesn’t understand it’s the power of the divine that lives in each person that empowers the wand. Because of the priest’s fears, the wands are outlawed and punishable by death.

On her sixteen birthday, Shriya is given a crystal ball so she can see into the future. Gwenneth also surprises her with an arranged marriage. Gwenneth is insistent that the bloodlines remain pure, so the sacred work can continue for the good of mankind. Shriya is in love with Parkin, who is a tribesman and not a man of the sacred work. As Shriya looks into her crystal ball for guidance about the future, she is torn between following what her sister believes to be her soul’s destiny and marrying the man of her dreams.

This is a very magical and mystical story for anyone who loves a good spiritual novel.  It’s filled with hints of the power that exists within all humans. It’s a young adult novel with many spiritual insights that will deeply move even the full grown adult!

A wonderfully written and compelling story for both teens and adults alike! Magical, mystical and soulful. I enjoyed and was deeply moved by this magical tale. Highly recommend! Looking forward to more by this author.

~ Review by Dr. E. L ~ Deep and moving!

Sisters of the Seventh Planet is available on Amazon!

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NOTE: This book is also available on the publisher’s website. That is where I purchased my copy because of the special price of $3.99 for the download.

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