Rare or unseen photos – A trip back in time!

King of Casinos

“The rare photos alone are worth the price of admission. My only regret is that I didn’t write this book.”

 Robert Graysmith, New York Times Bestselling Author of Zodiac, Auto-Focus, and Black Fire

Another exciting day in my life. I have ordered 3 of  The King of Casinos: Willie Martello and The El Rey Club to be personally signed by the author for my Dad, my uncle Bryon and myself.  Fabulous pictures are shown in the video below.

Visit andymartello.com for autographed copies. OR head on over to Amazon –  USA  &  Canada

From the Press Release – “Were it not for the chance discovery of a single photo in a Las Vegas museum, the El Rey Club would be known only as the seedy brothel where Senator Harry Reid learned to swim.” states Andy Martello. Lost for over sixty years and featuring over 140 rare or unseen photos, the vibrant stories and exploits of the adventurer that Willie Martello was, are now brought to light through the amazing book.

Martello does a fantastic job “prepping” the reader early for the mass of information that flows freely throughout the book. Amazing pictures and a fun read about a very cool story and time in Nevada history.

~ Review by C. Squyres – Fantastic writing style about an amazing story

Andy Martello


You’ve seen him eating fire on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” & spinning plates on national television.

He’s opened for legends like Gladys Knight & performed for President George Bush (the original, NOT the sequel!)

In 2010 he began his career as a Las Vegas headliner as part of the comedy magic duo, Spike & Hammer.


Visit andymartello.com for autographed copies. OR head on over to Amazon –  USA  &  Canada

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