Karma Yoga and Mind

Karma Yoga and Mind

What you see here is a book that everyone should read and I mean everyone. Karma Yoga and  Mind belongs in every grade 12 classroom. I wish I would have had this to know and understand before leaving home at 18 years of age.

Please read this passage I chose from Chapter 6: Yoga and Healing ~

“Choices can be made in life to bring about that desired change in life, but at the same time, the older patterns have to be healed whole and complete, so that the new set of choices can successfully bring about the desired change in life.

If not consciously, one always indulges in dealing with oneself subconsciously, and one’s own projection of others. These events and experiences also manifest as dreams sometimes in order for the healing process to be complete.


From The Author

Discover the mysterious relationship between Karma, Yoga and the Mind. Experience what is going behind the scenes, delve into deeper meanings of existence, and use the power to healing yourself and others.

Read how everyday Karma and Actions can affect our lives in several ways we never imagine about. Use your emotional power, inner energy and knowledge of past, present and future through this book to improve your outlook about life.

The book talks about awakening through Karma, Yoga and the Mind, their seamless relationship, inner processes, deep meanings and their impact on lives.

Meet The Author

Sandeep Khurana is a spiritualist, writer, new age music composer and TV producer. He has written articles and produced films on Yoga & Healing.

No matter your beliefs; Christianity, Buddhism, Atheist or even Agnostic there is great knowledge to be found in this book and in yoga in general. It calms, centers and makes you refocus your energy on positive thoughts. If yoga – and the understanding of centering oneself – were not beneficial it would not have stood the test of time and continue to help so many thousands of years later.

~ Excerpt of Review by Mika – Brilliant connection between Karma, Yoga and the Mind

YES you can purchase Karma Yoga and  Mind on Sandeep Khurana’s website or via Amazon on Kindle. (Note – 99 cents on the website. It’s your choice)

I am listening to the Waterfall song right now as I write this post. Beautiful and so peaceful. You can listen to samples to see what music and sounds resonate with you. I also bought the 60 minutes of Relaxing Music. 

It is not surprising that to learn that he has more than a million people in over 50 countries subscribing to his music. S K Infinity Music

PS – I am tagging this book #Fabulous!

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