Inside a Writer’s Life: A Memoir

My Grandfather's HouseI must say that this excerpt from Inside a Writer’s Life (page 6) is really cool!

“When you feel your back is against the wall you either give up or fight back. Writing is the only weapon I am willing to use. I pray I am not antagonized into anything more. As a writer I like the mix of intense drama with mild humor I describe as intriguingly serious but light-hearted. This would describe my real world.”

From the description: This account of a writer’s life is about relationships and how they connect to the author’s writings. Witness first hand in this captivating memoir how the author struggles to stay motivated and focused. The house is located in the heart of an impoverished inner city African American community. Although her Dad inherited the barely affordable distressed property more than twenty years ago, Sherrie will always think of it as her grandfather’s house.

I’m not looking to sensationalize anything but tell it like it is!

~ Sherrie Lynn

A Behind The Scenes Nine-Year Journey of A Published Author!

Looking To Sell As A Screen Adaptation!

Inside a Writer’s Life is available on Amazon!


Excerpts are included within Inside a Writer’s Life from BACKSTAGE PASS! and A FORWARD MOTION!  (you’ll get the back-stories that lead to scenes in her novels)

Backstage Pass1         A Forward Motion1



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