Family Fishing Fun


Guest Post by Kevin Heimbigner

Family Fishing Fun is a collection of true stories Kevin Heimbigner and his family have experienced during their past 55 years of fishing and fun together. Heimbigner’s tales are informative fish stories, often humorous, sometimes intense, and always evoking emotion. They take place on small streams, tranquil lakes, large rivers and the mouth of the Columbia River and the Graveyard of the Pacific.

Heimbigner’s first person account puts you by the water as he helps his daughter land a five-inch blue gill or his brother reel in a nine foot sturgeon or as he catches a derby-winning Chinook salmon. His wife Debbie is Kevin’s catch of a lifetime and she becomes hooked on catching crappy and clamming. His son is now a commercial fisherman and he and Kevin’s daughters take the bait for a lifetime of fishing adventures in Washington State.

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His yarns feature catching everything from surf perch to walleye; steelhead to trophy salmon. Razor clamming, crabbing, Opening Day, and trout on Christmas morning are part of the family story. Heimbigner’s last trip with his cancer-stricken dad brings the true-life book to a poignant close.

You don’t have to love fishing to enjoy Family Fishing Fun. All you have to do is enjoy sharing stories about family and you’ll be hooked.


Kevin Heimbigner

Kevin Heimbigner is a retired business teacher and hall of fame high school coach. He now writes state award-winning sports, news, and feature stories and is a photographer for the Chinook Observer newspaper in Long Beach, Wash. He has fished the Northwest’s streams, lakes and the Pacific Ocean with his fishing partners—his dad, mom, wife, three children and brother—for over 58 years and written about his experiences for the past 35.

Family Fishing Fun is Available on Amazon! 

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