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“I know Japan inside and out, and from different perspectives – as a resident, as a businessman, and as a traveler. My Japanese friends often say I’m more Japanese than they are. You can count on my knowledge and years of experience to guide you through what is truly important in your trip to Japan. Plan your Japan with me, your personal Japan travel guide.” ~ Josh Shulman

This is a book that speaks to my heart. I lived in Japan a couple of times, back in the early 1990’s. For me, reading this book is taking a trip down memory lane in some respects. Back then, I didn’t have the internet and all the fabulous links this book provides. I had my friend Marie (who still lives there) and a fax machine at work so my parents could get my letters instantly.

I laughed out loud when I read this – “Before diving into tips on how to save money on the frightenly expensive transportation system. I want to make sure that you don’t get lost in it. Although, some would argue (myself included) that getting lost in Japan is part of the experience.” (pg.15 Kindle)

I did get lost on the trains a few times and the people working  at the station giggled away at me. (men) However, they were very gracious and explained with maps and words written in English on how to get to my original destination. I take full responsibility for the mistake though. The train system is excellent and you get what you pay for. I wasn’t paying attention.

Take a look at this video. From personal experience, when travelling on a subway, try not to go during rush hour. I was sandwiched in face to face with my girlfriend and we laughed the entire 5 minute voyage.

This book is the revised version in August 2012. Make sure to get the newest version because Amazon has old reviews mixed in with the new.

It really helped me planning my trip! ~ below is a review by Sony Piccy (Dec 2012)

I really enjoyed reading the book! I found a lot of useful tips I would have not thought about otherwise, which do really help you save money on planning your trip.

For example, I was not sure if I wanted to buy the JRail pass and in the book you can find a way out of it by getting advantage of other options only a person who lived in Japan (like John) can know.
Furthermore, I used the e-mail address indicated in the book and the author is really helpful, nice and quick in answering!

All You Can Japan is available on Amazon.

Check out Josh Shulman’s website and read the first chapter.

This post is…”to be continued” – I have so much to say and share about Japan and I want to highlight more of ‘All You Can Japan’.  


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