Want to give your dog a special treat?

7 Easy to prepare dog menus

I was looking for a cookbook to bake a cake for my dog putsy for her birthday. And I found it in this book.
It is easy to prepare as the book says. Cool. I recommend it.

~ Review on Amazon by putsy – Great recipes to prepare for my dog.

What the author – Junisia Hey has to say!

I was inspired by healthy eating and went searching for fruits and vegetables good for the health of our dogs. Our dogs names are Eve and Lex.

This book is made to help you in a short time give your dog a great food, easy and in a healthy way. The dog recipes are tasty for the dogs. So that’s why this book is about easy steps to prepare food for your dog with a healthy touch.

In this book, in the Nutrition facts, you will find the fruits and vegetables.


Is your dog happy with his treat or do you want to give him a great homemade food? 
Why not order Junisia Hey’s new home made cookbook for dogs? 7 Easy to prepare dog menu recipes: A healthy tummy for a happy dog!  This is a new cook for dogs specialty created with your dog in mind.

Order now! Available online on Amazon. Links in USA & Canada

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