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The Fitness Game

I love self help but this book changed my mindset or should I say it set my mind to then focus on the real goal: feeling better about me which means I would improve my personal relationships too which have been suffering around me because my happiness starts and ends with ME.

~ Excerpt of review by S. Myers – Finally something that makes sense and works without false promises or gimmicks.

When I first heard of  Tony Ussery, I was completely fascinated with his background. I knew that this man knows what he is talking about and walks his talk. Listen to what he has to say from the press release. “It is the fitness book for the mind.” He further added, “When it comes to getting back in shape, the battle is lost even before putting in any kind of efforts in most cases. Most simply believe that they cannot get back in shape or feel that they would never be able to take up the challenge. This is where ‘The Fitness Game’ comes into the scene and can be a perfect guide for a better and healthier future.”

Tony Ussery

About the Author

Anthony Ussery is a Neuro-Physic transformation expert, a NLP expert and a Hypno-Therapist. He has also been an athlete for 40 years and a professional one for seven years. He has trained sportsperson at all levels in different sports and helped thousands get in shape of their dreams.

See what I mean? Wow! Below is a glimpse into Tony’s book so you can see for yourself what The Fitness Game has to offer.

Excerpt – (Kindle Location 36 – 70)


Recently, I was sitting with a few of my athletes after what they would deem a ‘Coach Tony has lost his mind!’ workout, when one of them asked me why I call my program The Fitness Game. Surprisingly, I had never been asked that question before.

I thought back several years to when I had the revelation that would change my mindset about fitness for the rest of my life. I had already been a Mind and Body Transformation Expert and coach for over ten years, and had trained all types of people from young children to professional athletes.

I take my students’ successes and failures personally. While it is satisfying to see a person you’ve trained meet or surpass their fitness goals, it is frustrating to see them quit after hitting them, or even worse, give up and lose all the ground they’ve gained just inches from reaching their first major objective.

Case Study – #1

Jessica D. was referred to me by a client who felt sorry for her. She was unhappy because her boyfriend was always calling her “fat”, which of course upset her.

She worked hard. Within two months she lost three dress sizes. She looked good and seemed happy. All of a sudden she stopped coming. I tried calling. No answer. I emailed her. No response.

Seven months later I got a call from her asking if she could come back. I asked her why she had quit. She said she had caught her ex-boyfriend with another girl, and felt that she was working out for nothing, since he cheated on her anyway.

She was working out for the wrong reason; for a boyfriend who didn’t care for her. She also told me she was back in her oversized, pre-workout dresses. So I asked her one question . Why did she want to come back? She told me she wanted to show him what he was going to be missing.

She was headed for failure again because she was not working out for herself. So I chose not to take her on again as a client.

Lesson – If you are playing the Fitness Game for someone else and not for yourself, you will lose every time.


*As a special bonus, included in this book is the Iceberg Proposal; a virtual transformation program designed for you by the author himself. And Tony also says…

If I get you to accept that this is a game, then you have won half the battle.

The Fitness Game is available on Amazon.

Visit Tony’s website – coachtu.com

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