The Star Of Jolanest

The Star of Jolanest

I love the hidden references to some of my favorite movies. Also, I love how her characters have such silly quirks…you can visualize them and that makes the book come to life!

~Review by  Anonymous on Barnes & Noble

What the story is about: (book description on Barnes & Noble)

Jarby is in love. He wants to marry the charming but penniless barmaid who works at his uncle’s inn, but his uncle won’t tolerate True Love without a matching dowry.

So Jarby follows a tattered map to the fabled Star of Jolanest, a lost treasure that will provide all the dowry his beloved barmaid could want. Riding his randy dragonhorse, carrying his disenchanted sword and accompanied by an accident-prone stableboy (Eramus Tate the Fourth, aka Poke) Jarby sets off on a journey dogged by surprises. Like his pesky magical abilities.

Two-not-quite-human barbarian maidens who want him for themselves. The fact that he’s actually of the deposed and hunted royal family of distant Melvia. And then there’s the price on his head–in THE STAR OF JOLANEST.

…the novel is a wonderful romp full of fantastical creatures, almost impossible situations, and a sprinkling of dry wit over a mound of slap-stick comedy. At times it actually moves a bit too fast, running lightly over descriptions of places and characters, leaving their images tantalizingly vague. That being said, the story and characters were interesting enough to keep my attention from the first page to the last. All in all, a very solid novel.

~ Excerpt of a review by The Kindle Book Review – A Fast-Paced Adventure Full of Mischief, Magic, and Mayhem

Ellen Dawn Benefield

“Much but not all of my fiction tends to be humorous. All my writing would probably be rated P.G. as I don’t write gory and graphic, sorry.” ~ Author – Ellen Dawn Benefield

Ellen Dawn Benefield has had stories published in Computer Edge, Millennium Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine and the Wyrd Wravings Anthology of Funny Speculative Fiction. She has also taken 5 Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest.

Benefield lives in East El Cajon on mini-ranch with her husband and assorted critters.

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